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Rubber Gasket For Transformer

Rubber Gasket For Transformer

14 Oct 2020

The leakage of transformer occurs mostly around the gasket, which is mainly caused by the aging and cracking of gasket. The quality of depends mainly on its oil resistance. The poorer oil resistance, the faster aging rate. Especially under high temperature, the aging speed will be faster and easily lead to aging and cracking of gasket, resulting in oil leakage.

Rubber transformer gasket

When overhauling oil-resistant and high temperature resistant gasket for transformer for and and leakage problems, we should choose the gasket that with good heat-resistant and oil-resistant performance. The most common sealing material for transformers is nitrile butadiene rubber. The performance of oil resistance depends of the content of acrylonitrile. The higher the content of acrylonitrile, the better the oil resistance, the higher the hardness and the less the deformation. The general hardness should range from 70 to 80 shore hardness.  When evaluating the oil resistance performance of the gasket, the aging test and the compatibility test of transformer oil should be done. The gasket should be immersed in 120 ℃ hot oil for 168 hours, and then the change rate of its weight, volume and hardness should be measured to select the proper ones with small deformation.

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